860C.01/3–945: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé to the Polish Government in Exile (Schoenfeld), at London

Poles 7. An impasse has been reached in the negotiations of the Polish Commission as Molotov insists on either prior consultation with the Lublin Poles or upon inviting for consultation only those Polish leaders which they have approved. Molotov has refused to consider inviting Mikolajczyk until the Lublin Poles have been consulted contending that by his statement to the press, Mikolajczyk has publicly disavowed the Crimea decision. In view of the course which the negotiations have taken and Molotov’s obvious effort to have the negotiations take the form of the enlargement of the Lublin Government, Dept more than ever attaches highest importance to the inclusion of Mikolajczyk in the consultations. Harriman has suggested that Mikolajczyk be urged to issue a public statement to the effect that in the interests of the future of Poland he accepts the Crimea decision without reservation. He feels it should be simple, forthright, and unqualified and that although it can contain no word of doubt it need not express approval of the Crimea decision. Harriman considers it important that this statement be made immediately.

Please see Mikolajczyk and inform him that his statement to the press has been interpreted in some quarters as a denunciation of the Crimea decision and by inference a refusal to accept it as a basis, thus rendering him ineligible for participation in the Moscow discussions which are based on that decision. It would therefore be most salutory as a means of refuting any such inaccurate interpretations if Mr. Mikolajczyk would consider making his position clear in a public statement. He might, for example, state unequivocally that he accepts the Crimea agreement as a basis for discussion and is therefore quite prepared to proceed to Moscow to take part in the consultations there. He would not, of course, thereby limit his freedom [Page 153]of action in the discussions themselves. If Mikolajczyk appears to be favorably impressed with your informal suggestion, you should impress upon him the desirability of quick action.