740.00119 Control (Austria)/4–445: Telegram

Mr. Alexander C. Kirk, Political Adviser, Allied Force Headquarters, to the Secretary of State

1336. Gavrilovich50 stated today that the Yugoslav Government had decided to make a formal request to the British, Soviet, French and US Governments for a zone of occupation in Austria. He added that Yugoslavs would request the zone to north of the old Yugoslav-Austrian frontier and would include province of Carinthia.

In this connection Macmillan51 showed us a telegram this afternoon which he received from Stevenson, British Ambassador in Belgrade, confirming above statements of Gavrilovich. Stevenson’s message added that he had informed Subasic52 that while he sympathized with Yugoslav desire for a zone of occupation in Austria in view of Yugoslav suffering and contribution to war effort he nevertheless felt it would be difficult to accord Yugoslav request as the zone the Yugoslavs wanted included territory which had been object of dispute for some time and if Yugoslavs should be permitted to occupy area they desired such action would prejudge the frontier question.

  1. Stoyan Gavrilovich, Yugoslav Under Secretary for Foreign Affairs.
  2. Harold Macmillan, British Minister Resident at Allied Force Headquarters.
  3. Ivan Subasich, Yugoslav Minister for Foreign Affairs.