760h.74/3–1245: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Harriman)

1489. Reurtel 722 March 12. Please inform the Soviet Government that this Government is quite willing to hold discussions immediately at Moscow with a view to enabling the three principal Allies to arrive at a common position with respect to the question of the proposed Yugoslav-Bulgarian pact.

For your information and use in such discussions we hold the following views.

We adhere to our previously expressed opinion (Deptel 473 March 2).
We were unable to understand how the proposed treaty could have been useful in the struggle against Germany, since we had assumed that both countries were expending the full measure of their power in the prosecution of the war. However, in view of the cessation of hostilities, we assume that the Soviet Government will no longer press this argument.
We cannot subscribe to the Soviet view that the proposed pact would contribute to the future maintenance of peace and security in Europe and the Balkans in particular. On the contrary, we feel that the proposed treaty, particularly at this stage, would introduce a disquieting element into the European political situation, which would find particular emphasis in the Balkans, where the neighbors of Bulgaria and Yugoslavia would probably regard such a development with distrust and fear.
We believe that our motives in urging that the proposed pact be discountenanced have been made clear. However, for a fuller explanation of our views with regard to the Balkan political situation in general and Yugoslav-Bulgarian relations in particular, you may adduce the considerations set forth in Deptel 420 February 24,34 regarding the Macedonian and South-Slav federation questions.

For your confidential information, if the Soviet Govt persists in its previous attitude in urging the proposed pact, we feel the subject might be discussed at the big three meeting.35

Sent to Moscow, repeated to Sofia, London, and Belgrade.

  1. Not printed, but see footnote 21, p. 1306.
  2. The tripartite conference held at Berlin (the Potsdam Conference), July 16–August 2, 1945.