760h.01/1–1645: Telegram

Mr. Alexander C. Kirk, Political Adviser, Allied Force Headquarters?17 to the Secretary of State

179. Maclean18 has informed British Foreign Office that in a long conversation with Tito on January 12, Tito stated flatly that he was not in favor of a Yugoslav-Bulgar-Albanian federation at this time. Tito added that while relations with the Bulgars had improved enormously in recent months, nevertheless it would take some time before the Yugoslav population could forget the horrible behavior of the Bulgarians during the past 3 years. He stated he intended to do anything he could to [promote?] closer relations between Bulgaria and Yugoslavia but that he positively would not press for such a federation now.

He was more favorably disposed to early federation with Albania. Tito commented during this conversation with Maclean that it was only natural that Bulgaria and Albania should look to Yugoslavia for guidance and assistance in working out the many problems with which the government of those countries were forced [faced?] today.

Repeated to Moscow as 18 and London for Patterson as 34.

  1. Mr. Kirk was also Ambassador to Italy.
  2. Brig. Fitzroy Hew Maclean, Commanding Allied Military Mission to the Partisans in Yugoslavia.