The British Embassy to the Department of State


There have recently been signs that the idea of a Yugoslav-Bulgarian federation is entertained with favour in the Yugoslav National liberation Movement and that the Bulgarians are preparing once again to foster agitation for a greater Macedonia at the expense of Greece. Some of Marshal Tito’s16 followers have gone so far as to demand publicly the incorporation of Greek Macedonia into Yugoslavia and a Macedonian brigade consisting of Greek Macedonians, has been formed in the Yugoslav army of National Liberation and is stationed at Bitolj. Furthermore, the Bulgarian press has reported a meeting in Belgrade between Yugoslav and Bulgarian delegates, one of whom was a member of the Bulgarian Government, at which the future political organization of Yugoslavia was discussed on the assumption that there would be a federation into which Macedonia would also enter. Macedonia propagandists have also been allowed to hold a meeting in Sofia to discuss the creation of an independent Macedonia within a Slav federation comprising Bulgaria and different sections of the Yugoslav people.

Whilst His Majesty’s Government would welcome a federation between all the Balkan States, both Allied and enemy, possibly including Turkey, they would not favour an exclusive union or federation between Yugoslavs and Bulgarians, which would not only be unlikely to promote a federation between all Balkan States but would also isolate Greece and thus endanger her position as a Balkan State. [Page 1305] It would also enable Bulgaria, who has in both World Wars joined Germany against her Balkan neighbours and against the Western democratic powers, to escape the consequences of her acts by merging her identity in that of one of the United Nations. As regards Macedonia, His Majesty’s Government would be prepared to acquiesce in the creation of a Macedonian State as a federal unit in the future federal Yugoslavia, but they would not wish this State (or the Yugoslav Federal Government speaking on its behalf) to annex or lay claim to any territories whatsoever belonging to either Bulgaria or Greece on the ground that such territories are “Macedonian”.
In consulting the United States Government, His Majesty’s Government would be glad to learn its views on this question.
A similar request for their views is being made to the Soviet Government by His Majesty’s Ambassador in Moscow.
  1. Josip Broz Tito, President of the National Committee of Liberation of Yugoslavia.