740.00119 Control (Germany)/7–545

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister of Luxembourg ( Le Gallais )

The Acting Secretary of State presents his compliments to the Honorable the Minister of Luxembourg and has the honor to refer to the Legation’s note of July 5, 194585 concerning the readiness of the Grand Ducal Government of Luxembourg to place two battalions of light infantry at the disposition of the Allied Military Authorities for use in the occupation of Germany.

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On June 5, 1945 the Governments of the United States, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the United Kingdom and the Provisional Government of the French Republic issued a statement on the zones of occupation in Germany, which contained the following provision:

“Each of the four Powers may, at its discretion, include among the forces assigned to occupation duties under the command of its Commander-in-Chief, auxiliary contingents from the forces of any other Allied Power which has actively participated in military operations against Germany.”

In as much as the Luxembourg Government would find particularly agreeable the use of its forces in the occupation of German territories on the borders of Luxembourg, it is believed that the Luxembourg Government will wish to direct its request primarily to the Power occupying German territory adjacent to Luxembourg. Final agreement with regard to the zones of occupation in Germany has not yet been ratified, but according to present plans the zone to be occupied by United States forces does not include German territory adjacent to Luxembourg.

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