740.00119 Control (Germany)/1–3145

The Assistant Secretary of War (McCloy) to the Assistant Secretary of State (Dunn)

Dear Jim: I think it might be advisable to send Winant a cablegram along the lines of the attached draft on the present status of the protocol defining zones of occupation.


John J. McCloy

Draft of Cable to Ambassador Winant

Protocol on zones of occupation is being urgently considered by the British and American military authorities. The formula on the control of the Bremen–Bremerhaven Area arrived at as a result of a meeting with Lord Halifax has been agreed to by the British with minor amendments.45 However, the American military authorities felt that the command channels of the U.S. Bremen–Bremerhaven Area Commander needed additional clarification. The British have queried London on this matter and we are awaiting their reply.

It is the current position of the military that the U.S. Area Commander should be under the command of the U.S. Zone Commander and not under the British Commander of the Northwest Area. In line with this, it is our present position that the British Commander of [Page 179] the Northwest Zone should keep the U.S. Bremen–Bremerhaven Area Commander currently informed of the general policies pursued in the administration of military government in the British Northwestern Zone and that the U.S. Area Commander will conform with these policies subject always to the right of the American Commander to vary the administration of the area in any particular that he may find necessary on military grounds. Since the main reason for securing the Bremen–Bremerhaven Area was to provide facilities for the use of the U.S. Zone Commander, it appears perfectly logical that his command position should be that of a subordinate to the U.S. Zone Commander.

This remains the only point of difference and I believe that it will be resolved rapidly so that the protocol may be cleared for signature.