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Note by the Allied Secretariat to the Allied Control Authority Coordinating Committee 70


Report of the Air Directorate on the Creation of a System of Air Corridors To Be Used for Flights in the Respective Zones of Occupation in Germany

The attached report on the above subject is submitted by the Air Directorate for consideration at the Twenty-Third Meeting of the Coordinating Committee.

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In this report the Air Directorate requests that the Coordinating Committee approve the proposal of the Directorate for the creation of air corridors to the west of Berlin, namely: Berlin–Hamburg, Berlin–Bukehurg [Bückeburg], Berlin-Frankfurt-on-Main; and also requests a decision on the principle of creating air corridors to Berlin–Warsaw, Berlin–Prague, and Berlin–Copenhagen, since no unanimous agreement could be reached by the Directorate in regard to this question.

In addition, the Directorate requests the Coordinating Committee to delegate to the Directorate the responsibility of safety measures and a system to assure flights along air corridors approved by the Coordinating Committee.

S. M. Kudriavtsev
, 1st Sec’y
H. A. Gerhardt
, Colonel
T. N. Grazebrook
, Brigadier
Monsieur L. J. Calvy

Allied Secretariat

Report of the Air Directorate Concerning the Creation of a System of Air Corridors To Be Used for Flights in the Respective Zones of Occupation in Germany

Because of the increasing number of flights between the Greater Berlin area and the respective occupied zones of the four Allied Powers in Germany and because their flights must often be undertaken in conditions of poor visibility or at night, involving risk of collisions; there is a real need to ensure safety of flights over the occupied zones and the Greater Berlin Area by means of a system of air corridors under strict rules of flight for all aircraft using the corridors.
The Aviation Committee has prepared and submitted a paper to the Air Directorate, based on the requests from the American, British and French representatives for the setting up of a system of air corridors, and designed to satisfy the requirements of the Four Powers for flights over the occupied Zones.
The Aviation Committee of the Air Directorate proposes six air corridors over occupied Germany as follows:—
  • Berlin–Hamburg
  • Berlin–Hannover (Bückeburg)
  • Berlin–Frankfurt on Main
  • Berlin–Warsaw
  • Berlin–Prague
  • Berlin–Copenhagen
each twenty English miles wide (ten miles on each side of the centre line of the corridor) which could be used by aircraft of the four Allied Nations with full freedom of action.
During discussion of this subject at the Meeting of the Air Directorate:
The representative of the United States expressed agreement with the proposals of the Aviation Committee and recommended that a report compiled on the basis of data worked out by the Aviation Committee, should be submitted to the Coordinating Committee.
The British representative agreed that it was necessary to produce a document for submission to the Coordinating Committee but that this document should include a proposal on the freedom of the air west of a line drawn North and South through Berlin. If this could not be agreed he requested the addition to the list of air corridors proposed by the Aviation Committee of a seventh corridor Bückeburg–Prague.
The French representative remarked that an indispensable condition of the free use of the air corridors must be adherence to the rules of air communications.
The Soviet representative stated that the Air Directorate could request the Coordinating Committee’s confirmation of the air corridors Berlin–Hamburg, Berlin–Bückeburg, and Berlin–Frankfurt on Main, necessary to provide for the needs of the occupation troops in the zone of Greater Berlin. Regarding the air corridors Berlin–Warsaw, Berlin–Prague, and Berlin–Copenhagen, as well as the seventh corridor Bückeburg–Prague proposed by the British representative, they are corridors for the usual inter-state traffic and are not related to securing the needs of the occupying forces in Berlin, therefore the question of their creation can be discussed by the Air Directorate only on the decision of higher Authority. Moreover present rules of flight in the second group of air corridors are suitable to all and do not need to be changed. In the opinion of the Soviet representative, flights along all corridors must be made in complete compliance with the rules of flying safety to be compiled by the Aviation Committee and approved by the Air Directorate.
After studying this question, the Air Directorate, at its 13th Meeting (DAIR/M(45)13, Item 99 (b)) decided:
“…71 to submit to the Coordinating Committee for approval the proposals of the Aviation Committee concerning the air corridors West of Berlin: Berlin–Hamburg, Berlin–Hannover (Bückeburg), Berlin–Frankfurt on Main.
“to submit for decision in principle by higher authority at the same time as the proposal of paragraph (1), the question of the establishment of corridors leading North, East and South from Berlin and of a corridor Bückeburg–Prague.
“to instruct the Aviation Committee to compile rules for safety of flight along the corridors referred to in paragraph (1). These rules will be obligatory for all aircraft flying along the corridors listed in paragraph (1).”
Consequent on the above, the Air Directorate requests the Coordinating Committee:
To confirm the proposals for the establishment of air corridors West of Berlin as follows: Berlin–Hamburg, Berlin–Bückeburg, Berlin–Frankfurt on Main, each twenty English miles wide. Flight over these routes (corridors) will be conducted without previous notice being given, by aircraft of the nations governing Germany.
To instruct the Air Directorate to compile rules of flight and means of safeguarding flights along the corridors stated in para. (1) above.
To decide in principle or transmit for consideration by appropriate higher authority, the question of the establishment of the air corridors over occupied Germany, Berlin–Warsaw, Berlin–Prague, Berlin–Copenhagen and also the air corridor Bückeburg–Prague proposed by the British representative, as indicated in annexed Map* A). Flights over these routes (corridors) will be conducted by aircraft of the nations governing Germany without previous notice being given.
The above proposals are framed to meet the requirements in the immediate future as far as they can be now foreseen. It will nevertheless be necessary to give further consideration to these questions, from time to time, in accordance with the future development of International air communications.
Lt. Gen. T. F. Kutzevalov
Maj. Gen. R. W. Harper
Air Marshal H. E. P. Wigglesworth
Gen. De Division X. De Sevin
  1. Copy transmitted to the Department as an enclosure to despatch 1497, December 11, from Berlin, not printed.
  2. Omission indicated in the original.
  3. Map circulated on limited distribution only. [Footnote in the original; map not reproduced.]