The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Harriman)

2503. In July this year the President, Prime Minister, and de Gaulle issued directives to respective zone commanders in Germany emphasizing the necessity of export of coal from Germany to liberated areas.

Although some progress has been made production-wise, transportation difficulties and lack of coordinated action among zones have [Page 1554] caused deliveries to liberated areas to fall far below expectations. During this time there has been much discussion concerning appointment of special civilian coal advisers who could form a coal commission representing all zones thereby securing proper coordination and integration of operations.

To date, most of these discussions have taken place among the three western powers. We believe, however, that any action in this direction should include the Eastern Zone of Germany as well.

We have now reached agreement with military authorities here that Civilian Coal Adviser shall be appointed in U.S. Zone responsible directly to Deputy Commander for all coal production and movement problems to maximize exports of coal from Germany.

Directive is now being cleared and upon approval President will request Joint Chiefs of Staff to issue it. At same time Secretary of State will issue invitation to governments of USSR, United Kingdom and France to take similar action and issue comparable directive to their zone commanders. Directive provides for coal adviser to work with similar officials in other three zones on all problems concerning production, movement, and export of coal. Also provides for free access of movement of zone advisers in U.S. zone and it is expected that directive issued by other three governments will include similar courtesy.

We anticipate final approval of directive within next week at which time formal invitation will be directed to other governments as mentioned above.