USPolAd Files 863.6 Coal Mining

The United States Deputy Military Governor for Germany ( Clay ) to the War Department 86

CC–17419. Murphy has received cable from State Department87 objecting any allocation of coal from West Germany to meet requirements of Soviet Zone since any allocation would reduce coal exports from West Germany and increase the demands on the US. Cable [Page 1531] states that the State Department is informed that Silesian coal is available subject to transportation. We have taken the position that Quadripartite Government requires Quadripartite action on allocations. Under existing machinery allocations of coal to US and other zones requires Quadripartite approval including Russian member Coal Committee. Actual allocation made to Soviet Zone for November was 100,000 tons of coke and 50,000 tons of hard coal against allocation of 200,000 tons of soft coal briquettes from Soviet to Western Zones. Most of latter is allocated to US Zone. If we tried to make exception to Quadripartite procedures in case of coal it would obviously invite counter-exceptions and make progress in Quadripartite negotiations more difficult and perhaps impossible. Question of Silesian coal has been raised several times in Economic Directorate by US member. Russian member is investigating with expressed intention of importing Silesian coal to Soviet Zone if available and transportation permits. He indicates that up to this time he has not been informed that Silesian coal is actually available for this purpose. This matter will be pressed, as we fully recognize the advantages of using Silesian coal in Eastern Germany from both transportation and coal export point of view.

  1. This cable was directed to the Civil Affairs Division of the War Department for the attention of the Chief of Staff, General of the Army George C. Marshall.
  2. Telegram 606, October 4, 6 p.m., to Berlin, supra.