500.C115 Paris/10–1045: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France ( Caffery )

4727. For Mulliken. Please transmit to US Govt, representatives at ILO 96th Governing Body Goodrich and Mrs. Norton 16 following instructions from State and Labor.

American States Conference Mexico City April 1 date appears satisfactory. Non-members participation as observers only recommended.

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Preparatory Technical Maritime Conference Nov. 15, no preference on location.

Maritime Session ILC18 late April date might conflict with probable United Nations Assembly meeting. Suggest late March. This Govt, suggests consideration of US for place of conference.

International Development Works Committee January 1946 Montreal satisfactory.

1946 meeting experts women’s work at Montreal satisfactory.

Suggested advisory memberships on Permanent Migration Committee satisfactory.

Establishment Sub-committee Automatic Coupling appears satisfactory subject to close cooperation with ECITO.19

Industrial Committee membership tripartite delegation two each group from nations of major importance in specific industry recommended with one each group from other nations. Believe employer and worker delegates expenses properly chargeable to Governments if serving as national representatives but to ILO if in expert capacity or as group representatives.

Suggest deferment decisions on additional languages.

Favor authorization to Finance Committee to take up with appropriate authority in accordance with established procedure question concerning the proportion of expenses which newly-admitted states should contribute.

Re Constitutional Committee topic on representation, no definitive position to be taken as yet.

In view of uncertainty which might handicap financing of ILO, US Govt, representative authorized to suggest that GB20 authorize Acting Director or Finance Committee to request Assembly of League, in event of its meeting, to transfer to Conference authority vested on Sept. 30, 1938 and Dec. 14, 1939 in Director and Supervisory Commission. Such transfer to be pending effective date of ILO Constitutional amendment or of relationship with United Nations. Transitional procedure generally approved especially with respect to committee representing Governments.

US wishes time for further consideration of reference to federal states and to submission of Conference decisions to national competent authorities.

Support may be given to suggestions re National Tripartite Conferences, Minimum Code of Labor Standards, proposed Convention [Page 1539] on labor standards, substitution for designation “proposed conventions” instead of “draft conventions.”

  1. The 96th session of the Governing Body was held at Paris, October 10–14, 1945. For an account of this meeting, see Participation of the United States Government in International Conferences, July 1, 1945–June 80, 1946, pp. 89–91; for action taken at this session, see International Labour Review, vol. iii, December 1945, p. 656. Since Mr. Goodrich was serving as Chairman of the Governing Body, Mrs. Mary T. Norton, Chairman of the Labor Committee, House of Representatives, was serving as the substitute U. S. Government Representative.
  2. International Labor Conference.
  3. European Central Inland Transport Organization; for documentation, see vol. ii, pp. 48 ff.
  4. Governing Body.