500.CC(PC)/12–645: Telegram

The Acting United States Representative on the Preparatory Commission (Stevenson) to the Secretary of State

12799. Copre 490. The PreCo delegations of the other American Republics at a meeting in the Chilean Embassy yesterday agreed to vote in favor of the US as UNO site. It had been apparent prior to our receipt of Preco 324 that confusion existed among these delegations as to our attitude, in fact this confusion, as evidenced by some of their instructions which they have shown us, was shared by their own governments.

It seems more than likely that Bianchi (Chile), who says he had specific instructions to take the lead, assumed the role of whip. A number of other delegates, however, particularly Zuleta (Colombia), who on his own initiative asked us our position some days ago; and Salamanca (Bolivia), whose instructions require him to vote with the majority of his Latin American colleagues; and one or two others, have wanted us to understand their part in this decision. Our only response has been to repeat the statement authorized in the Department’s above-mentioned telegram. The Argentine delegate was careful last night to stress to us the fact that his original instructions, since changed, had been to vote for Europe.

Furthermore Riaz (Egypt) has in his own fashion led us to understand that the five Arab votes may be cast for the US.