500.CC(PC)/11–2145: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Acting United States Representative on the Preparatory Commission (Stevenson), at London

10182. Preco 300. The following message was delivered to the Department by the British Embassy:

“Message for the Secretary of State from Mr. Bevin dated November 16, 1945. As you know, I have felt from the beginning that the site of the United Nations Organization ought to be in Europe. After the vote in Executive Committee we thought the matter over again very seriously and came to the conclusion that, despite the vote, we still held the same view. We, therefore, propose to continue to argue it in the Preparatory Commission and to let the other Governments know in so far as they are interested that that is our opinion. I wanted you to know this before the Commission meets. You will believe me when I say that whatever site is finally chosen, we shall be acceptable to the decision. It will make no difference to our determination that the United Nations shall succeed.”


[The Report by the Executive Committee to the Preparatory Commission was submitted to the Second Session of the Commission, which opened in London on November 24, 1945. The Report was presented to the Preparatory Commission at the second meeting of the session, on November 26, and it was immediately referred to its eight technical committees for study. For the official printed record of the Preparatory Commission, see United Nations, Preparatory Commission, Journal of the Preparatory Commission, 24 November– 24 December 1945; this includes eight supplements containing the summary records of Committees 1 to 8.]