500.CC(PC)/10–2745: Telegram

The Acting United States Representative on the Preparatory Commission (Stevenson) to the Secretary of State

11291. Copre 321. ExCom completed review of its report37 tonight and agreed on November 23 for convening of PreCo and on period between January 2–7 as time to be recommended to PreCo for convening of first part of first session of General Assembly. All but one member spoke for some postponement of PreCo after November 12 and a large majority suggested a date between November 19 to 23. A large majority also felt that under present circumstances General Assembly could not be convened before early January. Australia proposed longer postponement for both PreCo and General Assembly than Gromyko had originally suggested. Atmosphere of entire discussion was excellent. Full telegram follows tomorrow. Gromyko told me he is proceeding promptly to Moscow.

  1. See Preparatory Commission document PC/EX/113/Res. 1: Report by the Executive Committee to the Preparatory Commission of the United Nations, November 12, 1945.