Memorandum by Lieutenant George M. Elsey of the White House Map Room to the Acting Secretary of State 47

The White House Map Room has received the following message from the President, dated 21 February, 6:45 p.m., EWT:48

“From the President for the Secretary of State, Information: the Acting Secretary.

“In reply to your message dated 20 February from Guatemala City49 and the Acting Secretary’s message of the same day50 on the subject of invitations to the United Nations Conference to be held in San Francisco on 25 April and the release of the text on voting procedure, I will let you make final decision without further reference to me. I prefer that invitations should be issued before March 1.”51

It should be noted that the President had not received the Acting Secretary’s radiogram of 21 February52 on the text of the proposed public statement on voting procedure at the time he sent this message.


George M. Elsey

Lieutenant, U.S.N.R.
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  5. In radiogram of February 23, Acting Secretary Grew informed President Roosevelt that agreement had been reached to issue the invitations on March 1 and, consequently, a series of steps had been taken, which he enumerated for the latter’s information (500.CC/2–2345).
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