500.CC(P.C)/10–1245: Telegram

The United States Representative on the Preparatory Commission (Stettinius) to the Secretary of State

10659. Copre 231. Ambassador Massigli, who has recently returned from a short visit to Paris, told me Tuesday that he thought I was pressing too hard for speed in holding the organizing meeting of UN (United Nations) in December of this year. He pointed to the suspension of the work of the Council of Foreign Ministers35 and suggested that until the Big Five could really get on a footing of complete collaboration, it would be very risky to hold the organizing meeting of UN. He indicated that he thought it would be wise to postpone temporarily the first meeting until January or later. He urged as an additional reason for postponement that it would be unwise to bring UN into being until the way was prepared for several other European countries to be admitted as new members at the first meeting. He mentioned specifically Portugal and Sweden.

I told him that our recent difficulties with the Russians in connection with the meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers did not in my opinion provide a reason for postponing UN, on the contrary it made it even more necessary to bring UN into being immediately. It is my understanding from my conversation with you before you left that this also is your view. I would appreciate confirmation of this fact, as this matter may well come up again before the end of ExCom (Executive Committee) and I would like to feel certain that the position I have taken has your full support.

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[On advice of physicians, Mr. Stettinius returned to the United States on October 16 for hospitalization. At the first meeting of the Executive Committee following, on October 18, Adlai E. Stevenson, Deputy United States Representative on the Preparatory Commission, assumed Mr. Stettinius’ place.]

  1. For documentation regarding the meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers at London, September 11–October 2, 1945, see vol. ii, pp. 99 ff.