500.CC/2–2145: Telegram

The Ambassador in Mexico (Messersmith) to the Acting Secretary of State

217. From Secretary Stettinius. Have received your 338.39 Will, of course, support your position in this as in all other matters. I want you to understand why I am pressing this matter so strongly. I am in a difficult and awkward position, having been elected this morning as Chairman of the Commission of World Organization at the Mexico Conference.

The matter of the voting procedure is on the minds of all delegates. From the standpoint of frank and fair dealing, feel that I must be able to discuss all angles of the world security proposals at the earliest possible moment. I am still hoping that somehow between now and tomorrow night at the time I will deliver my address that Caffery will be able to explain in Paris the fact that 20 republics are meeting to discuss the world security organization and that the French delay is proving most embarrassing to the United States and we ardently hope that they will give their prompt consent. I know that you and Jimmy40 will do everything within your power to help me here in this difficult matter. [Stettinius.]

  1. See footnote 31, p. 76.
  2. James C. Dunn, Assistant Secretary of State.