500.CC/6–545: Telegram

The Chairman of the United States Delegation (Stettinius) to the Acting Secretary of State

10. Will you be good enough to transmit the following to the President:

“The Soviet Ambassador yesterday afternoon told me that his Government had instructed him to inform me that it favored the permanent seat of the new international organization being located in the United States. I thanked the Ambassador for this thought on behalf of the Soviet Government but explained, that our thinking had been along the line of the location being in an internationalized district of some type and not directly within the territory of any sovereign [Page 1160]member state of the organization. I explained that had been President Roosevelt’s thinking but that I would inform you of this suggestion of the Soviet Government in order that you could consider the question.

It is a matter, however, on which decision can be deferred until after the San Francisco, Conference. It is a matter to which the preparatory commission for the new organization can give study.”