500.CC/2–2045: Radiogram

The Acting Secretary of State to President Roosevelt 31

I believe that the French should be allowed additional time to consider the invitation to act as a joint sponsor of the San Francisco Conference and to concur in the proposals on voting procedure. However, I recommend that we seek approval by the British, Soviet and Chinese Governments of the issuance and public release on March 1 of the invitations to the Conference as agreed upon and containing the text of the proposals on voting procedure. If France has not accepted by that time then such invitations would be sponsored by the four governments instead of by five as originally contemplated. This date is selected since it was agreed at the Crimea Conference—and has been so reported to the French—that invitations are to be issued to those nations which were signatories of the United Nations Declaration on February 8 and to those associated nations, including Turkey, which will have declared war by March 1.
Also I recommend that we propose to the British, Soviet and Chinese Governments that in the event France accepts sufficiently in advance of March 1 to make it feasible, we will issue the invitations prior to that time, making clear, however, that subsequent invitations to the associated nations and to Turkey can be issued up to March 1.
In light of the foregoing, I recommend that Ambassador Caffery be informed of the substance of our contemplated proposals to the British, Soviet and Chinese Governments as outlined in paragraphs 1 and 2 above, and that he be advised to bring this information to the attention of Bidault and de Gaulle in such manner as he would consider best calculated to bring about favorable action by the French.
At the time of the public release of the text of the voting procedure, we recommend that I release a statement in explanation and interpretation thereof. Such statement would be communicated to the British, Soviet and Chinese Governments (and to the French if they accept) for their information. The text of this proposed statement is contained in a telegram that will follow.31a
Your immediate approval is respectfully requested of the procedure outlined in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 above since it will facilitate our action here. Your approval of the proposal outlined in paragraph 4 can be given any time within the next few days after you have had an opportunity to review the proposed text of the statement.
  1. Text transmitted by Acting Secretary Grew to Mexico City for Secretary Stettinius in telegram 338, February 20, 9 p.m., not printed.
  2. See unnumbered radiogram, February 21, p. 81.