RSC Lot 60–D 224, Box 99: UNCIO Cons Amer Rep Min 3

Record of Third Informal Consultative Meeting With Ambassadors of Certain American Republics, Held at San Francisco, May 20, 1945, 9 p.m.

[Informal Notes]

[Here follows list of names of participants, including members of delegations of the United States (18); and certain Latin American Ambassadors (names not listed).]

Mr. Stettinius presented to the Ambassadors three drafts which he said were being submitted to the Regional Committee the following day. These drafts were as follows:

[Here follow the proposed texts of chapter VIII, section A, paragraph 3, May 20; chapter VIII, section B, new paragraph 12, May 20; and chapter VIII, section C, paragraph 1, May 20, identical with texts [Page 826] printed in UNCIO Documents, vol. 12, pp. 679, 680, and 684–685 (Doc. 576, III/4/9, May 25).]

Mr. Stettinius expressed the hope that these drafts, representing agreement after prolonged consultations, would be acceptable to the Latin American Ambassadors. He pointed out that they protected the interests of the General Organization, while at the same time fully safeguarding and utilizing regional agencies or arrangements such as the Pan American System.

The Latin American Ambassadors expressed enthusiastic support for these drafts and indicated their appreciation of the efforts made by the United States Delegation in reaching these agreements. No dissent from the drafts was expressed.