500.CC/5–845: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Chairman of the United States Delegation ( Stettinius )

8. At his press conference yesterday47 Molotov is reported to have stated that Russia will take the initiative in having the International Organization clothed with power actively to promote self-government for dependent peoples. Although this has been our historic role, Russia, I fear, may appear before the world as the champion of all dependent peoples. Molotov’s move may confirm in the minds of the people of Asia their already strong suspicion that the Anglo-American powers are not their real champions and will turn to Russia as their more outspoken friend and spokesman.

Although I am sure you have these thoughts in mind, I thought perhaps you would like to have our own impression of the importance of Molotov’s statement.

  1. UNCIO press release No. 55, May 7, not printed.