Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. Leo Pasvolsky, Special Assistant to the Secretary of State

On instruction from London, Mr. Makins41 raised with me the question of how the subject of the liquidation of the League would be handled at the San Francisco Conference. He asked for our reaction to the possibility that the Conference might wish to adopt a resolution on the subject, and inquired whether it would be possible for the British Government to make a suggestion to us on this subject. That suggestion, in effect, would be that prior consultation on this matter take place in Washington before the Conference opens.

I said to Mr. Makins that the British Government was, of course, free to make any suggestions, and that we would be glad to give it careful consideration. Speaking informally I said that our thought has been that the problem of the liquidation of the League is one that concerns primarily the members of the League, and that it was difficult for me to see how the Conference itself could adopt a resolution on this subject. I said that I could visualize the possibility that those [Page 162] governments participating in the Conference which are also members of the League might wish to issue some sort of pronouncement in their name and that the only matter which might concern the Conference as a whole might be some statement or some provision authorizing the new organization, when established, to negotiate with the League.

Mr. Makins said he would report to the Ambassador, and he thought that the British Government would wish to make their suggestions in writing.

Leo Pasvolsky
  1. Roger Makins, Counselor of the British Embassy.