Roosevelt Papers

President Roosevelt to Prime Minister Churchill

Dear Winston: I have been hoping to find an opportunity in the course of the present conferences to have a brief word with you on the [Page 963]importance which I attach to a prompt resumption at a high level of conversation between our two Governments on the implementation of Article VII of the Lend-Lease agreement. As the opportunity for a quiet discussion between us on this matter may still not develop, I do not wish this meeting to close without sending you a brief word on this matter.

Discussion on commercial policies, pursuant to Article VII have been carried on from time to time between our two Governments ever since the Fall of 1943. I think it most important that these talks be re-invigorated and I should like to suggest the prompt naming of full delegations on both sides, to be headed by a Chairman with the rank of Minister. I hope you will find it possible to take the necessary steps to bring this about insofar as your Government is concerned.

Most sincerely yours,

Franklin D. Roosevelt