8. Minutes and related documents


  1. According to Stettinius (pp. 8384), Harriman called on Molotov at Koreiz after dinner on February 3 and arranged for this meeting of Roosevelt and Stalin.
  2. The President acted as host.
  3. Molotov acted as host.
  4. Marshal Stalin acted as host.
  5. President Roosevelt acted as host.
  6. Churchill acted as host.
  7. Roosevelt acted as host.
  8. A summary of the agreement embodied in this exchange of notes was released to the press by the White House on March 29, 1945 (Department of State Bulletin, April 1, 1945, vol. xii, p. 530). The texts of the notes here printed are from the copies in the Bohlen Collection. For information concerning the decision by the United States to request no more than one vote in the United Nations Assembly, see Postwar Foreign Policy Preparation, p. 422, and Department of State Bulletin, April 1, 1945, vol. xii, pp. 600–601