740.0011 EW/1–2745: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of state (Grew) to the Secretary of State

top secret

Telegram to the Secretary of State, From the Acting Secretary.

1. . . . (This is thirty-third message) . . . . British Foreign Office states that Subasic rather than Tito has opposed Simovic. Foreign Office believes that Subasic will leave shortly for Belgrade even though agreement has not been reached on the regents, but feels that the King’s approval is essential, particularly in connection with air and naval forces which will serve under the government only with the sanction of King Peter. . . . The Embassy in Moscow has been instructed to express gratification over the decision to cease removal of oil equipment from Rumania in order to rehabilitate the industry but is to reaffirm this Government’s unwillingness to accept the Soviet contention that this material can properly be described as war booty. . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .