Roosevelt Papers: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant) to the President

2073. It has come to my attention that Mr. Eden, who directs Sir William Strang in representing Great Britain on the European Advisory Commission, and Ambassador Gousev, who represents [Page 958]Russia on the Advisory Commission, are both attending the three-power conference. Since you and Secretary Stettinius and Mr. Hopkins decided to exclude me from the conference, I wish to make the following brief report to you.

The United States Government, the United Kingdom and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics have approved without reservation the Unconditional Surrender Instrument, the Protocol on Zones of Occupation in Germany and the Agreement on Control Machinery.1 If the control machinery is to be made an effective implement, it will be necessary to obtain overall agreements between the three Governments on directives to the three Commanders-in-Chief, which are in fact agreements between the three powers on basic policies. The directives are on broad lines without detailing and provide a ground-work for Allied cooperation in dealing with overall problems that affect Germany. I hope these directives will have your support.

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