Hiss Collection

Hiss Notes 1

2/11 4.20 p m

ERS Chmn

Final meeting of For Mins

ERS: 1st subject is approval of communique

Sir Edward Bridges to report on read communique

Re D. O.

Mol. Marshal Stalin said should say what is said in conclusions that was agreed on voting & not that President’s proposal had been adopted

No objection if Mr. S. or anyone else should say this was the proposal of the Pres.

In no other place is it said on whose initiative it has been done

[Page 932]

ERS This was discussed this morning in presence of Mar & Pres & I discussed it at length with Pres. Would be very diff. for me to agree

Mol Was no agt on this special point

We said we had another q on this par.

Simultaneously with the pub. of com. you or someone say this was the proposal put forward by the Pres. We don’t want to hush-hush this fact.

ERS: agreed to eliminate the reference to Pres.

Re consultation

Ed on procedure—US is to approach Ch. & Fr. Desirable that consultation be done as soon as possible—48 hours if possible as will be great interest in the subject2


ERS Chmn

For. Mins.

(After intermission)

Summary of Conclusions

p. 1 Mol. what would be the title: “Decisions”?

Agreed: Protocol of the proceedings of the Crimea Conference

Mol. First phrase

The Crimean Conf. of the 3 heads of the Govts of USSR, US & Gt Brit which took place in the Crimea from Feb 4 to Feb 11 took came to the following conclusions:

Ed. Would like to add Saudi Arabia before Turkey

Mol. Why

Ed They did want to declare war & we discouraged them

Mol. This q. was not discussed. There would then come others (i e new suggestions)

Ed. Good to have Moslem or two Ibn Saud is having cup of coffee with Pres.

ERS I have no objection. They have assisted in the prosecution of the war to some extent

Mol I don’t know if Saudi Arabia will be much help. Think it over & consider at end of protocol

p. 2

San Francisco inserted

Mol. I want to be there

p. 3 ERS “or in the preliminary consultations”

[Page 933]


p 5 Insert protocol in place of reparations section


p 9 ERS agreed re Yug.

p 10 ERS suggests insert “among the For. Secs”

Suggests eliminate last sentence

Mol: “Mr. Mol. agreed to this proposal”

Eden: should not say views will be conveyed “aint any views” instead say: could not be approved


Mol: Suggests instead:

“Mr Ed, Mr S & Mr Mol exchanged views on the sit. in Iran”

Otherwise eliminate altogether

Ed add “It was decided agreed that the matter would be pursued further through the dip. channel.”


Mol. after “Convention”: which ceased to correspond to the contemporary sit.”

It’s a hint in regard to change

ERS we should consider sit. before suggest give a hint

Ed. Alternative: the changes proposals which it was understood the Sov. Govt would put forward with reference in relation to the Montreux Con.

Agreed to Ed. alternative with last sentence omitted

Ed. We will inform the Turks

Mol About the fact that this q. will be raised

Ed insert informed “at the appropriate moment”

Mol. Insists on his amend

Ed. willing to stop there & leave out assurance point.

Transmit to Pres. copy of what ERS signs Protocol & of 2 tels to

Ed. submitted the draft cable to de G. re zone of occup & Control Com3

ERS agreed

Mol. hadn’t had time to read

Mol. Gave his prelim. consent. Mar. St. has not seen them. Will give his answer tonight

Saudi Arabia—Mol. to let Ed. Know

  1. From penciled notes in longhand.
  2. See the telegram from Stettinius to Grew, post, pp. 793795.
  3. Post, p. 948.