Roosevelt Paper

List of Amendments to the Draft Communiqué1

Prime Minister’s Amendments to Draft Communiqué

Defeat of Germany

Line 8: For“co-ordination”

Read: “concert”

Line 9: After “launched”

Insert: “continuously”.

Three lines lower down, instead of “our joint military plans”, read “our combined military plans”.

The word “joint” appears twice in the next three lines, and the Prime Minister would omit it in these two places.

Occupation and Control of Germany

In the second line for the word “jointly” substitute the word “together”.

Line 7—the word “co-ordinated” should be struck out and “united” substituted.

Line 10—the last sentence of the paragraph should read as follows:—

[Page 930]

“It has been agreed that France should be invited by the Three Powers if she should so desire to take over a fourth zone of occupation, and to participate as a fourth member of the Control Commission.”

In the first line of the next paragraph for “it is our joint purpose” read “It is our inflexible purpose”.

In the third line of this paragraph for “threaten” read “disturb”.

Six lines from the bottom of the paragraph, instead of “to take jointly such other measures” read “to take in harmony such other measures”.

The last sentence of the paragraph on this page should read as follows:—

“It is not our purpose to destroy the people of Germany, but only when Nazism and Militarism have been extirpated will there be hope for a decent life for the Germans and a place for them in the comity of nations”.

  1. Authorship not indicated.