Hiss Collection

Hiss Notes1

2/11 12.15 p. m.



PM likes draft but too many “joints”.2 Also make separate ¶ re reparations

Mol. We have an amendment that does that

The 1st part: prefer more detail, naming personalities who took part

Church: At end

St: Better at beginning. Was at Teheran

Pres & PM: OK

St. no other remarks on opening

Church put in generals as well?

St. Yes

Church I agree with that

St name whomever you like

[Page 927]

I Defeat of Ger.

Mol amends

Church: Is point of substance in introducing word “Hitlerite” It narrows it. We would prefer “Nazi” Germany

Mol. Withdraws amend. (re Hitlerite Ger)

Church. leave out “joint”, goes without saying various Church amendments

II OK with St.

Ed: Ought make it clear how zone is to be given

Shouldn’t indicate we have accepted the Fr. demand.

“Limits of the Fr. zone will be agreed by the 4 Govts thru their repres. on the EAC

Wire to Winant

Mol: After II a new chap. on reparations.

We consider the q. on the costs by Ger of Allied loss to Allied Govt in this war it is fair to exact from Ger reparations in Kind in the greatest poss. amt. to the greatest possible extent possible A Commission is created on Reps which will have as its task determining the amt. of reps.

The Com. will sit in Mos.

Pres Only q is whether it is worthwhile to have sep. Chapter or work it in. I can’t find a good place.


Mol After 1st 2 ¶s add:

It has been also resolved to recommend to the Conf. to invite Uk. & Wh. R as orig. member

Pres very embarrassing to me

Church If brought out pub. now without any explanation of US position will cause trouble.

3 members of the War Cab. are objecting to the prin. of more than 1 vote. This only shows controversies it will raise We are all pledged to it in the draft conclusions

I should have to ask for adjournment to consult dominions. It might take several days But we put it all down in the conclusions

St.: Withdrew it But in

Mol ¶s 4 & 5

These ¶s should read as follows:

Concerning voting proc. in the Sec. Coun. of the projected org. Confused with our early draft Say they have no copy of last draft omit “put forward by the Pres.”

Mol If the text which we rec’d last night is united draft of Brit & Ams we didn’t know it. It is agreed

[Page 928]

ERS asked Pres if it would affect him politically back home if “put forward by the Pres” is retained & Pres said it would not. Pres preferred to leave the phrase in

P M wants to eliminate 1st sentence of Chap. V on Pol.

Chap IV agreed to

Ed: insert after inherent: “we were impressed by the dangers of any divergence of policy between the major allies toward Poland”

St leave it out altogether

Church: Would prefer Ed’s amended form

St: This is only a statement about proceedings of various representatives. Some may have been impressed, others not.

Pres read our proposed new sentence


Church wants to say dec. re Pol. will be very heavily attacked in Eng. It will be said we have yielded completely on the frontiers & the whole matter to R.

St: Is it in earnest I doubt it

Church I assure you it is. Lon3 Poles will raise a dreadful outcry

St: But the other Poles will predominate

Church I hope you’re right. We’re not going back on it It’s not a q. of nos. of Poles but of the cause for which Brit drew the sword Will say you have completely swept away the only const. govt of Pol. However I will defend it to the best of my ability

VI Yug

Church translate Avnoj

St That’s right. Not every one will understand

VII Agreed

VIII Prisoners of war

St suggests mention of prisoners of war should be deleted. This is a q. among ourselves. We can take dec. but not nec to pub

Mol Says he & Ed agreed will come up in meeting For Mins

Church But can be published?

Agreed be published separately when text completed this afternoon

IX Unity O K with St.

Summary was dropped O K

IX Church what does “want” mean “It means privation & not desire”

Mol Will this communique be signed by the heads of govts

Pres Just as at Teheran

[Page 929]

Should be signed first by St. because has been such a wonderful host

St I object

Church. If take alphabet I’ll be first

St—Am. Bloc

" If you take age I also come first

St If St. 1st signature will say he leads. Insists he be in last place

Who will take charge of final text

Church: Bridges

St. perhaps to the For Mins for final checking

Pres. Early

St Mol & Vishinsky. He is not interested in lunch

Pres: For Mins then to read it over in place of P. M, Mar. & me.

St. Who will make list of decs.4 Assign this task to someone else

Pres On summary of conclusions re reps. (i e Sov. protocol) entirely satis to us with few changes

Church Not for publication

  1. From penciled notes in longhand.
  2. See Stettinius, p. 279.
  3. London.
  4. For list of decisions prepared in the United States Delegation, see post, pp. 947948. The final list of decisions became the Protocol of Proceedings, post, pp. 975982.