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Draft Report by the Foreign Ministers to the Sixth Plenary Meeting1
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Report to the Plenary Session of the Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, February 9, 1945

1. The Polish Question:

The Foreign Ministers discussed at length the Polish Governmental question on the basis of a memorandum submitted by the American [Page 822] delegation. This memorandum, in accordance with Mr. Molotov’s proposal, agreed to drop the question of the creation of a Presidential Committee.

With respect to reaching a formula on the question of the Polish Government, Mr. Molotov stated that he wished to present to Marshal Stalin certain new considerations advanced in the American memorandum before making a final statement. It was decided to continue discussion of this question at a later date and to report that the three Foreign Ministers thus far had not reached an agreement on the matter.

2. Reparations:

The American Delegation submitted a draft proposal on the basic principles of exacting reparations from Germany for study and recommendation by the Moscow Reparations Commission.

Agreement was reached on the first two points relative to which countries should receive reparations, and to the type of reparations in kind Germany should pay.

The Soviet and American Delegations reached agreement on the wording of the third (final) point to the effect that the Reparations Commission should consider in its initial studies as a basis for discussion the suggestion of the Soviet Government, that the total sum of the reparations in accordance with the points (a) and (b) of the preceding paragraph, should be twenty billion dollars and that 50% of it should go to the Soviet Union. Mr. Eden stated that he would be obliged to await instructions from his Government.

The Soviet Delegation stated that reparations payments would be based upon 1938 prices, having possibly in mind increases of 10 to 15% on the prices of the items delivered.

3. Dumbarton Oaks:

It was agreed that the five Governments which will have permanent seats on the Security Council should consult each other prior to the United Nations Conference on the subjects of territorial trusteeship and dependent areas.

It was also agreed that these subjects should be discussed at the United Nations Conference itself.

The Sub-Committee appointed yesterday is continuing its work and will report to the Foreign Ministers today. This report will include matters pertaining to the form of the invitation to the forthcoming Conference. This subject was discussed at today’s meeting, and there appears to be an identity of views thereon.

4. Iran:

Sufficient time had not elapsed to permit the Soviet Delegation to

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Notes Regarding the Site for the United Nations Conference1

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give proper study to a paper submitted by Mr. Eden on this question. The subject was consequently not discussed,

5. Yugoslavia:

On the proposal of the Chairman, it was agreed that representatives of Mr. Eden and Mr. Molotov should be appointed to draw up a statement on the Yugoslav situation.

There was also agreement that before the termination of the Crimean Conference it would be desirable that agreement should be reached on the execution of the Subasic-Tito agreement.

  1. This copy of the report was attached to the Page minutes of the Foreign Ministers’ meeting at noon on February 9, 1945. A copy with slight variations is also in the Hiss Collection. The report was slightly modified before being delivered by Stettinius to the Plenary Meeting that afternoon. See post, pp. 858860.
  2. The original, which is in pencil, is apparently in Stettinius’ handwriting, except for Hiss’ notation at the top. See also Stettinius, pp. 203207.