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British Proposal Regarding the Yugoslav Government1

Draft for Discussion With the Soviet and American Delegations

Message from the Soviet Government, His Majesty’s Government and the United States Government to Marshal Tito and Dr. Subasic.

The Heads of the three Governments have met and discussed the Yugoslav question and have agreed to recommend to Marshal Tito and Dr. Subasic:

That the Tito-Subasic Agreement should immediately be put into effect and a new Government formed on the basis of the Agreement;
That the new Government as soon as formed should make a declaration that
AVNOJ will be extended to include members of the last Yugoslav Skupstina who have not compromised themselves, thus forming a body to be called a temporary Parliament:
Legislative acts passed by AVNOJ will be subject to ratification by a Constituent Assembly:
The Government is only temporary pending the free expression of the will of the people.
  1. Undated carbon copy. This is apparently the paper referred to by Eden in the Foreign Ministers’ meeting at noon on February 9, 1945. See ante, p. 811.