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Dumbarton—No clarification needed


1. Dismemberment. Formula Art 12. Next=Commission to study.

Mol: suggests Eden, Winant & Gousev.

Eden : on terms of reference

Mol. Perhaps no commission necessary.

Eden : Worried about absence of Fr. They are neighbors The three can decide on French participation Eden has right to deputize [Page 705] M: Thinks we should limit to these 2 proposals

Eden : Zone agreed on. S.2 M.3 want control machinery postponed & studied in EAC Eden wants immediate admission


Mol. Explains paper

Maisky : Explains how figure reached ½ immed ½ in annual 1 bil. Ge. natl wealth=125 bil. before war. Reduction 40% after war 75 bil at end of war. Mobile part of natl wealth=70%=22 or 23 bil. of this 10 bil removal. This would give G. Middle European level standard of living Before war 30 bil natl income Lower by 30% after war=18 or 19 bil Propose to take 1 bil annually not big sum.

Eden : Whether exertion in war should be a basis or whether sufferings at hands of enemy. On either basis would stand well.

In general agreement on principles of Par. 2.

S. Prep, to study. As Pres said U. S. not interested except for invest possible raw materials. Hopes we can agree Com. to start immed.

M: Business of U. S. but they thought it fair. Our losses & Brit very great. Not ready to discuss at this conference. But would be studied by Moscow Commis.

E: Should Com. examine econ. security provisions

Mol: To extent necessary for reparations.

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  2. Stettinius.
  3. Molotov.