Roosevelt Papers

Marshal Stalin to President Roosevelt 1

Secret and Personal from Premier J. V. Stalin to President Franklin Roosevelt.

The meeting with General De-Gaulle gave the possibility for the friendly exchange of opinions on the questions of Franco-Soviet relations. In the course of the conversation, as I had supposed, General De-Gaulle touched two main questions: about the frontier of [Page 289] France on the Rhine and about the conclusion of Franco-Soviet pact of mutual assistance similar to the Anglo-Soviet Treaty.

As to the frontier of France on the Rhine I expressed the idea that this question cannot be solved without knowledge and consent of our main Allies, whose forces are carrying on the struggle for liberation against the Germans on the French territory. I stressed the complexity of the solution of this question.

In connection with the proposal of Franco-Soviet pact I pointed out the necessity of close study of this question, the necessity of clarification of juridical nature of such pact, in particular such question as who will ratify this pact in France under the present conditions. Thus the Frenchmen should still give some explanations which we have not yet received from them.

In sending you this message I would appreciate your reply and your comments on these questions.

Similar message I sent to Mr. Churchill.2

I send you my best wishes.

  1. Apparently transmitted by the Soviet Embassy, Washington.
  2. Printed in Churchill, p. 257.