Roosevelt Papers

Marshal Stalin to President Roosevelt 1

Strictly Confidential and Personal from Premier J. V. Stalin to President Roosevelt.

According to all data General De-Gaulle and his friends who arrived in the Soviet Union, will put two questions.

1. About the conclusion of Franco-Soviet pact of mutual assistance similar to Anglo-Soviet pact.2

It is difficult for us to object. But I would like to know your opinion on this question. I ask you to give me your advice.

2. Probably General De-Gaulle will raise a question about the change of the eastern frontier of France with the expansion of the French frontier to the left bank of the Rhine. It is also known that there is a project about the establishment of the Rhine-Westphalian region under the international control.

It is possible that this control provides the participation of France. Thus the proposal of the French concerning the shift of the frontier to the Rhine will compete with the project of establishment of the Rhine region under the international control.

I ask your advice on this question as well.

I sent a similar message to Mr. Churchill.3

  1. Apparently transmitted by the Soviet Embassy, Washington.
  2. Treaty of Alliance and Mutual Assistance signed at London May 26, 1942. For text, see Department of State Bulletin, September 26, 1942, vol, vii, pp. 781–783.
  3. Printed in Churchill, pp. 256257.