77. Memorandum From Secretary of State Byrnes to the Secretary of State’s Special Assistant for Research and Intelligence (McCormack)0

As Special Assistant to the Secretary of State, in charge of research and intelligence, you are designated as the representative of the Secretary in all matters relating to communications intelligence activities, including the collection, analysis, decryption and translation of communications and the derivation of intelligence from those and related activities.

As such representative you are authorized:

To maintain liaison with such Army and Navy organizations as may be engaged in those activities and with any other organizations of the Federal Government whose operations may be related to those activities;
To acquaint such organizations with the intelligence requirements of the Department and to establish priorities for interception, decryption and translation of such communications and related material as may be of interest to the Department, and to assist such organizations by furnishing to them information in possession of the Department which may be of aid in their operations and which can be furnished with due regard to security;
To keep the Secretary of State informed of all agreements and arrangements made by any organization of the Federal Government with friendly powers for the exchange of information related to communications intelligence activities or of intelligence derived therefrom, and to establish or maintain, in cooperation with Army, Navy or other Federal Government communications intelligence organizations, liaison with organizations in the Governments of friendly powers for the exchange of information related to such activities and intelligence derived therefrom.
Upon organization of an Office of Intelligence within the Department, to receive on behalf of the Department and to disseminate within the Department and to appropriate diplomatic representatives of the United States, under due safeguards as to security, information and intelligence derived in whole or in part from communications intelligence activities.

James F. Byrnes 1
  1. Source: Truman Library, Papers of J. Anthony Panuch. Top Secret.
  2. Printed from a copy that bears this typed signature.