336. National Security Council Resolution0

The National Security Council has agreed that a group of two or three specially qualified individuals not in the Government service should make a comprehensive, impartial, and objective survey of the organization, activities, and personnel of the Central Intelligence Agency. As a result of this survey this group should report to the Council its findings and recommendations on the following matters:

The adequacy and effectiveness of the present organizational structure of CIA.
The value and efficiency of existing CIA activities.
The relationship of these activities to those of other Departments and Agencies.
The utilization and qualifications of CIA personnel.

The National Security Council also authorized and directed the Director of Central Intelligence and the Intelligence Chiefs of the Departments represented on the Council to give the above group access to all information and facilities required for their survey, except details concerning intelligence sources and methods.

  1. Source: National Archives and Records Administration, RG 59, Records of the Department of State, Records of the Executive Secretariat, NSC Files: Lot 66 D 148, Box 1555. Top Secret. The source text is Annex 1 to the Intelligence Survey Group Report to the NSC, January 1, 1949. The full text is in the Supplement. The resolution was approved by the NSC at its 5th meeting January 13. A brief entry in the minutes records that Souers presented the resolution and the NSC approved it and forwarded the names of Allen Dulles, Mathias Correa, and William H. Jackson for the President’s consideration as members of the survey group. (National Archives and Records Administration, RG 273, Records of the National Security Council, Minutes, Fifth Meeting) The resolution was approved as NSC Action No. 25. (Ibid., Record of Actions, Box 55)