250. Memorandum of Discussion at the 2d Meeting of the National Security Council0

[Here follows discussion of agenda items 1–4, control of exports to the USSR and Eastern Europe, U.S. Maritime Commission, U.S. position with respect to Italy, and base rights in Greenland, Iceland, and the Azores.]

[Page 638]

5. Psychological Warfare (SANACC 304/11)1

Secretary Marshall requested that the title of this paper be changed to eliminate the word “warfare.”2

[1 paragraph (2–1/2 lines of source text) not declassified]

Mr. Lovett and Admiral Hillenkoetter explained that the intent was only to ensure that all psychological activities were coordinated with our foreign policy and our information program. The Secretary of State was therefore given the responsibility for general coordination of all such activities.

Secretary Royall, speaking also for Secretary Forrestal and Secretary Symington, stated that the Military Establishment did not believe that it should have a part in those activities. He therefore suggested deletion of the provisions for an advisory group and a director.

The National Security Council:

Referred SANACC 304/11 to the National Security Council Staff for revision in the light of the comments at the meeting.

[Here follows discussion of agenda item 6, review of the world situation as it relates to the security of the United States.]

  1. Source: Truman Library, Papers of Harry S. Truman, President’s Secretary’s Files, Subject File. Top Secret.
  2. Document 249.
  3. Hillenkoetter told his staff meeting on November 18 “Mr. Marshall does not like term ‘PW’ and does not seem to favor the idea of psychological warfare at this time.” (Minutes of Staff Meeting, November 18; Records of the Central Intelligence Agency, Job 80–01731R, Box 31, Folder 3)