167. Letter From the President’s Chief of Staff (Leahy) to the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (Hoover)0

Dear Mr. Hoover : Because of an absence from Washington I have been unable to make an earlier reply to your letter of 23 August in regard to Instructions No. 12 proposed by the Director of Central Intelligence for issue to his Central Intelligence Group.1

A careful reading of the proposed Instructions No. 12 fails to find wherein it invades the domestic intelligence coverage that is the responsibility of your Bureau.

It occurs to me that if you should send to my office an officer of your Bureau who is qualified to explain your objections, it would be of great assistance to me in an endeavor to correctly inform members of the National Intelligence Authority when they meet to pass upon the proposal of the Director to instruct his Central Intelligence Group in the matter covered by his Directive No. 12.

I shall be very pleased to talk with one of your officers at any time that an appointment is made by telephone.

Most sincerely,

William D. Leahy
  1. Source: National Archives and Records Administration, RG 263, Records of the Central Intelligence Agency, Troy Papers, FBI Documents. No classification marking.
  2. See Document 165 and footnote 3 thereto.