143. Memorandum From the Director of Central Intelligence (Souers) to the Secretary of State’s Special Assistant for Research and Intelligence (McCormack)0


  • Arrangements to make certain State Department intelligence and information available to the Current Section, C.I.G.
In accordance with paragraph 7, N.I.A. Directive No. 1,1 I request that you make appropriate arrangements within the Department of State to make the following intelligence and information available to the Current Section, C.I.G., in the performance of the priority task indicated in paragraph 4 a, N.I.A. Directive No. 2:2
Information copies of the selected dispatches now delivered to Mr. Reams in the Office of the Secretary.
A copy of Mr. Reams’ daily one-page summary of the most important of such dispatches, normally completed at 0930.
Advanced copy prepared by Mr. Edgar for the Staff Officers’ Top Secret daily summary, normally available between 1030 and 1130.
The several daily and weekly Top Secret and Secret summaries prepared in the Department.
Access to this material will be limited to members of the Current Section, all of whom have been cleared for access to intelligence and information of the highest security classification.
I request also that you obtain any necessary authorization in the Department of State for the installation of properly secure teletype communications between Mr. Edgar’s office (Room 108) and the location of the Current Section in the Pentagon, and for the transmission thereon of the material indicated under 1 b and 1 c. This provision is essential to ensure its timely availability to the Current Section. Messrs. Reams and Edgar have been consulted by Messrs. Montague and Ruddock in this regard, and have indicated their informal concurrence. In view of the urgency of the matter, I am concurrently requesting of General Vandenberg that he arrange for the installation of such communications and for the indoctrination and technical training of operators to be furnished by me.
Sidney W. Souers
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