108. Memorandum From the Director of Central Intelligence (Souers) to the Director of the Strategic Services Unit, Department of War (Quinn)0


  • Initial Directive


  • N.I.A. Directive No. 41

Pursuant to the provisions of N.I.A. Directive No. 4, dated 2 April 1946, it is hereby directed that you administer and operate the Strategic Services Unit, War Department, in accordance with the initial policies set forth herein:

1. Operations.

Until otherwise directed, you will continue such operations, services and liaisons considered absolutely essential to [Page 275]
United States Armies abroad,
The United States sections of Allied Control Commissions,
Diplomatic missions,
Departmental agencies in the United States now being served.
You will perform such collecting missions, distribution, and other intelligence services as may be ordered from time to time by my representative.
Nothing contained in sub-paragraph 1–a will be construed as an authority for any expansion of the functions and facilities now operating, nor will additional personnel be assigned to duty outside the continental limits of the United States without the approval of my senior representative.

2. Administration.

You will continue the orderly liquidation of the Strategic Services Unit.
You will furnish the administrative support to Operations indicated in paragraph 1.
You will furnish such administrative support to the Central Intelligence Group as may be called for by my representative.
You will provide the necessary administrative facilities to effect the transition of personnel, funds, and communications, records, services and facilities, with the necessary means of maintenance, from SSU to an appropriate group in the War Department or to other appropriate agencies, as subsequently determined.

3. Command Liaison.

Colonel Louis J. Fortier, USA, Assistant Director and Acting Chief of Operational Services, C.I.G., is designated as my senior representative. Further directives and orders will be issued to you by me or by my senior representative. You will keep my senior representative informed of the progress of the mission outlined herein. Captain Thomas F. Cullen, USNR, will be his deputy.

Sidney W. Souers 2
  1. Source: National Archives and Records Administration, RG 218, Records of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Leahy Papers, No. 130. Top Secret. The version printed was distributed as Enclosure B to CIG Directive No. 6, April 8. See the Supplement.
  2. Document 106.
  3. Printed from a copy that indicates Souers signed the original.