860A.01/7–744: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consul General at Navies (Brandt)

324. For Kirk. Murphy has reported that the Consul General of San Marino at Rome has made representations through the British Legation to the Holy See regarding the alleged recent bombing of San Marino. He inquired concerning the position of San Marino and whether we should entertain representations of this nature directly from the Consul General or through the Italian Foreign Office.

The Department repeated to him its recent telegram to you4 concerning the relations of San Marino with the United States and United Kingdom. He was further informed that prior to the outbreak of war the American Consul at Florence has traditionally been the United States representative to the Republic of San Marino. Since the Republic of San Marino has been generally recognized by this Government as an independent state (see extradition treaty between U.S. and San Marino, proclaimed June 12, 19085) the Department knows of no reason why we should not entertain representations directly from the accredited representative of the Republic.

  1. See infra.
  2. Signed January 10, 1906; for text, see Foreign Relations, 1908, p. 710.