860A.01/7–144: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Acting Representative to the Provisional Government of the French Republic at Algiers (Chapin)

2128. For Murphy. Your 2223 July 1, 3 p.m. In reply to a question of ACC6 concerning the relations of the Republic of San Marino [Page 292] with the US and UK Governments the Department sent the following telegram7 to Kirk:

Paraphrase: In connection with the repatriation of consular personnel in this country, the Government of San Marino on January 29, 1942 informed the Swiss Government that it was not “in a state of war with U.S. America” and that for this reason it could not assume the expense of repatriation. A telegram of February 6, 19428 from the Legation at Bern conveyed this information to the Department. The Department has held that a state of war does not exist between Republic San Marino and the U.S. on the basis of this official notification and lack of other information to the contrary. Concerning the United Kingdom, the Government of San Marino transmitted a message to the British Government through US facilities, during the time the United States was protecting British interests in Italy, to the effect that the Republic of San Marino had not declared w\ar on the United Kingdom. The British Foreign Office can undoubtedly confirm the receipt of this communication. End of paraphrase.

Prior to the outbreak of war the American Consul at Florence has traditionally been the United States representative to the Republic of San Marino. Since the Republic of San Marino has been generally recognized by this Government as an independent state (see extradition treaty between U.S. and San Marino, proclaimed June 12, 1908), the Department knows of no reason why we should not entertain representations directly from the accredited representative of the Republic.

Please inform Tittmann9 of the above and report details surrounding alleged bombing of the City of San Marino.

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  4. Harold H. Tittmann, Assistant to Myron G. Taylor, Personal Representative of President Roosevelt to Pope Pius XII.