740.00119 European War/2333a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Finland ( Gullion )

67. An officer of the Department68 on whom Procopé69 called yesterday afternoon at his request, speaking personally, said that the very gravest view was taken in the Department of the press reports just received from Stockholm regarding the Finnish negative attitude towards the Soviet terms and that serious consideration was being given to the various courses of action which the United States Government might be compelled to take to meet the situation; and that among these possible courses of action should not be excluded delivery to Procopé of his passport and severance of diplomatic relations. He was told that although the officer spoke personally he was at liberty to report this to Helsinki.

You may disseminate the foregoing as your own estimate of possible action by your Government.

You should immediately make all necessary preparations for the prompt implementation of Department’s mail instruction 333, October 28, 1941,70 as amended.

Sent to Helsinki, repeated to Stockholm as Department’s no. 436; to Moscow as Department’s no. 595; and to London as Department’s no. 1981.

  1. Hugh S. Cumming, Jr., Chief of the Division of Northern European Affairs.
  2. Hjalmar J. Procopé, Finnish Minister in the United States.
  3. Not printed; it informed the Chargé on the appropriate procedures for closing the Mission should that necessity arise (124.60D/43a).