740.00119 European War/2294a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Finland ( Gullion )

66. President issued following statement today:67

“It has always seemed odd to me and to the people of the United States to find Finland a partner of Nazi Germany, fighting side by side with the sworn enemies of our civilization.

The Finnish people now have a chance to withdraw from this hateful partnership. The longer they stay at Germany’s side the more sorrow and suffering is bound to come to them. I think I can speak for all Americans when I say that we sincerely hope Finland will now take the opportunity to disassociate herself from Germany.”

  1. President Roosevelt’s statement was given to Foreign Minister Ramsay, who had requested an exact text of it, by the Chargé in Finland on March 17 in an aide-mémoire (not printed).