747.47H/11–844: Telegram

The Minister in New Zealand (Patton) to the Secretary of State

441. Following is résumé of Prime Minister Fraser’s remarks at concluding session November 6: (with reference to my telegram number [Page 197] 429, dated October 25, Australia–New Zealand talks opened at Wellington on Wednesday November 1.)

Consultations were due to special position as neighbor British Dominions in South Pacific as well as those issues which are the common concern of the United Nations; we desire others to take account of our own particular needs and circumstances, as we must take account of theirs.

General international organization of supreme importance which will depend upon the people’s support, and therefore on their understanding; promotion of human welfare which with security should be central objective of this organization; collective security by force if need be with territorial integrity and political independence; peace will depend upon the support and the leadership of the greater powers, but essential that all members should be enabled actively to participate in control and direction of its [apparent omission]; powers of the assembly should extend to the whole sphere of action, but the Security Council should have special powers in regard to the settlement of disputes and the prevention of aggression.

Trusteeship for dependent people, both colonies and mandated territories, welfare and advancement of the native people; regional commission so that governments and administrations of the South Seas area may pool their experiences and collaborate in joint schemes with which representatives of dependent peoples should be [apparent omission]; system of international supervision of colonial administration; consultation with other governments concerned to exchange views on South Seas Regional Commission to include the United Kingdom, the United States and France also.

Domestic policies of full employment for both national and international welfare; standard of living depends more upon the level of employment throughout the world and less upon international trading agreements; encouragement of trade in a world not afflicted by unemployment; full employment is the first need; improved labor standards economic advancement and social security under Atlantic Charter.

Consultations held not in an exclusive spirit or to serve narrow interests, but as due contribution to world peace and welfare.

Australian Deputy Prime Minister reiterated some of these statements and said Australian Government was interested in insuring effective participation by Australia in international affairs and particularly in the Pacific questions as member of British Commonwealth and as a nation of the Pacific; further consultations and further actions would develop from this conference on their common interests.

Security and welfare under Atlantic Charter with security guaranteed, poverty reduced, employment maintained and standards of living raised in all countries, including welfare of the native peoples.

Cannot live to ourselves alone; will take our place in the Councils of the United Nations.

Editorial comment referred to expression of many admirable sentiments, but no decisions. Considerable interest in proposed general [Page 198] international organization to which colonial powers should report on administration of their colonies.