747.47H/10–2544: Telegram

The Minister in New Zealand ( Patton )32 to the Secretary of State

429. As provided in the Canberra agreement Evatt and Ford33 are arriving here this week-end for discussions with New Zealand Prime Minister early next week. Am definitely informed by Secretary for External Affairs that although this may be played up as a formal conference such would be only “window dressing” as it actually will be only talks for a day or two, that is informal exchange of views only with no definite formal agreements anticipated.

There are no formal agenda, but it is understood that discussions will concern chiefly, (1) Pacific welfare, health, et cetera (2) Dumbarton Oaks proposals,34 (3) the Australians wish discuss joint schemes of industrial development under article 35 (c) of the Canberra agreement, but I am confidentially and frankly informed New Zealand has no such plans or schemes to discuss so wishes to minimize this.

Civil aviation was discussed with Minister Drakeford35 who was here earlier this month and mutual agreement thereon was reaffirmed as outlined in the Canberra agreement. Repeated to Canberra.

  1. Kenneth S. Patton, assigned as Minister to New Zealand March 21, 1944.
  2. Presumably reference is to F. M. Fordé, Australian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for the Army.
  3. For the text of the Dumbarton Oaks Proposals for the Establishment of a General International Organization, see vol. i , section entitled “Preliminaries to the establishment of an international organization for the maintenance of international peace and security,” part II.
  4. A. S. Drakeford, Australian Minister for Air and Civil Aviation.