740.00116 E.W./9–1844: Telegram

The Minister in Ireland ( Gray ) to the Secretary of State

148. Last night I received your No. 17542 and your circular telegram of September 1643 this morning, asking us to hold up action on Bretton Woods declaration until after consultation with London. In conformity with this line of action, I conferred this morning with Sir John Maffey44 regarding your 175, containing instructions as to German war criminals. He has not been advised of our proposed démarche to Irish Government on Nazi fugitives. His personal view was that in the interests of United Nations solidarity and Britain’s peculiar interests here it would be desirable to make joint representations. We [He?] unreservedly favored the proposal but asked for a brief period in which to consult this [his?] Government. I told him that I would inform you and recommend joint action if British Government was prepared to reach decision without undue delay. I also told him that I thought it probable that British Government had already been consulted and advised. Am therefore not communicating with External Affairs until hear further from you.

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  3. Sir John Maffey, British Representative in Ireland.