740.00119 European Advisory Commission/72

The British Embassy to the Department of State


At the Tehran Conference the question of the dismemberment of Germany, that is to say splitting-up of Germany into a number of separate states, was discussed between the three heads of the delegations.

According to the records of the Conference made by the United Kingdom delegation, the three heads of the delegations agreed to a suggestion that a special committee under the London Commission should make a study of this question, keeping in close contact with Washington and Moscow and reporting its findings, which would facilitate study of the problem in the three capitals.

The question of the dismemberment of Germany was also discussed at the Moscow Conference under item seven of its agenda in connexion with the general memorandum on Germany submitted to the Conference by the United States Delegation. The dismemberment question is thus included in the items on the treatment of Germany which were referred by the Moscow Conference to the European Advisory Commission for detailed study.

The question of the dismemberment of Germany is one of great complexity and is of fundamental importance for the planning for post-hostilities. His Majesty’s Government therefore suggest that the European Advisory Commission should take it up at once, and hope that the United States Government will send the necessary authority to their representative on the Commission so that examination of this question may be started at an early date.