864.4016/8–244: Airgram

The Minister in Switzerland ( Harrison ) to the Secretary of State

A–455. American Interests—Hungary. Department’s airgram 252 May 26.26

Swiss Foreign Office note July 31 states decree mentioned Legation’s 2505 April 20th27 appeared Hungarian Official Gazette April 16th and paragraph 14 reads in translation as follows.

“The provisions of the present decree are not applicable to those foreign citizens residing in Hungary who upon request of the competent foreign representative authorities prove their foreign citizenship by a certificate issued for that purpose by the Foreign Control Bureau providing however that reciprocity exists in that respect with the state of which the Jew is a citizen.”

[Page 1200]

Swiss Legation Budapest reported that since publication decree it has taken steps that Americans under its protection benefit paragraph 14 and is of the opinion that property Americans in Hungary not affected by government measures.

  1. Not printed; it inquired concerning a decree affecting Jews in Hungary (864.4016/187).
  2. Telegram not printed.