340.1115A/3344c: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Switzerland (Harrison)

75. Legation’s despatch no. 6491, November 5.2 Department has decided, as an exceptional measure, to authorize loans pending repatriation to American nationals in Switzerland under the procedure set forth in the Department’s instruction no. 1202, February 14, 1942, as amended.3 This is intended primarily to assist needy American nationals who have escaped from enemy territory and who were receiving or were eligible to receive financial assistance while they were in enemy territory. This authorization may, however, be extended to apply to other needy American nationals in Switzerland who established their eligibility under the above-mentioned instruction. It is contemplated that American nationals of either category who are in a position to obtain funds from the United States will not be extended financial assistance under this authorization. This procedure is to remain in effect only so long as American nationals in Switzerland are without means of egress therefrom and the opportunity to return to the United States.

Consulates in Switzerland should be notified of this authorization, fully informed as to the procedure established under instruction 1202, and directed to transmit applications for financial assistance to the Legation as provided in applicable portions of paragraph 11 of that instruction.

A revision of instruction 1202 embodying amendments as of December 23, 1943 is now in preparation and will be transmitted in the near future. Copies thereof should be forwarded to the consulates as soon as received.

You are authorized to make loans, from funds available for representation purposes, on the same basis, except as noted above, as [Page 1193] those authorized to be made through Swiss representatives in enemy and enemy-occupied territory. Switzerland is hereby classified as Class VIII ($110 a month maximum).

Please furnish Department by telegraph an estimate of the amount needed for this purpose during remainder of fiscal year ending June 30, 1944, and with respect to those qualifying for loans but who have not previously received loans, report by cable name, amount, and names and addresses of persons to whom Department might look for reimbursement.

  1. Not printed.
  2. For instruction 1202, February 14, 1942, see Foreign Relations, 1942, vol. i, p. 262. This instruction as amended through December 23, 1943, was transmitted to American Diplomatic and Consular Officers as enclosure to Foreign Service Serial No. 109, January 22, 1944, not printed.